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The chat room is working!

2011-03-21 04:10:21 by shadowfan246

One day I wanted to play ShellShock by inviting someone so I went into the chat and it works! Just be sure that you search in the search bar chat and that you're not clicking the chat at the top of the page. Can't wait to see you guys there!


2010-12-27 11:05:44 by shadowfan246

Meet Curls, my pet girl snake. My parents said the last Christmas Eve present would be socks, but it looks like they wanted to fool me. I hear these snakes can eventually grow up to five feet. And after a few months, maybe my brother, my mother, and my sister won't be as scared of curls as they are now. My other sister isn't scared and my dad isn't scared because he had a snake too. His snake grew bigger than me. Sadly his snake was given away. Before I was born. I hope Curls will someday be as big as my dad's snake.


The chat room fails me...

2010-12-25 19:51:49 by shadowfan246

The chat room hasn't worked in a month and it's not the first time it hasn't worked. It keeps saying it's making adjustments but every time it says that the next chat room never changes. If anythings happening at all it's a glitch.